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Imagine a life where you are ...


Traveling the world 

Tropical islands might be your next office (this was on a job in Saipan)

On Television

From commercials to featured extra roles you could see yourself the next time you binge-watch your favorite series. (my 7th episode for The Bold & The Beautiful)

Having to turn down bookings

Being so in demand you are actually double booked and get to turn down clients

Ready to stop the guessing game and get results?

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Hi, I'm Miss Lena Coco!
Models have always gravitated
to me on set for guidance and insight. 
How do I talk to my agents?
How do I get repeat clients?
What in the world is an option or a hold or a release?
I know what its like to feel lost.
You don't have to!
I am here to help you! 

Modelesque Model Success

is your step by step guide to
understanding & navigating
the industry so you can
profit & prosper!
More About Lena Coco

This is made for you if...

You're tired of scams and pervy photographers?

Learn legit ways to finding real, paying jobs and how to protect yourself from scams.

You're feeling lost and confused?

Stop the guessing game and learn all the model lingo, and how to behave in any modeling situation.

You're scared your agent doesn't believe in you?

How to find the best agent for you and learn how to communicate with them effectively.

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This is NOT for you if...


You believe modeling takes no skill or hard work.

You believe practice is stupid, and you don't need it.

All successful business people are constantly training and learning.

Why should modeling be any different?

You want to be famous and live a jet-set life full of parties.

Modeling takes discipline, and a little bit of sacrifice.

The vast majority of models will never be famous, but they can make a nice living.

If you aren't up for putting in effort and just want fame and followers this isn't the career for you.


You don't think anyone would ever hire or sign you.

You focus on the things you think are holding you back.

I can and will tell you how amazing you are and encourage you but if you believe you aren't "right" for modeling it will become your reality.


What makes your course different from others?

Work & life experience, personality & teaching style can all vary but two specific features set Modelesque apart.

Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access to Modelesque Success including all future updates.

You get lifetime access to the Modelesque Mindset facebook group.

A community for you to share your successes and your setbacks with others on the same journey as you and find support and exclusive content. 

The modeling world can feel lonely and confusing.

You'll never feel lost again with your community supporting you.


If you feel anything is missing that is essential to success in your Modelesque journey, you can request a lesson.

I will go through my experience and to experts in the industry to create a lesson and ensure you have every tool you need to succeed. 

Modelesque was born out of a desire to change the modeling industry from the inside out by empowering models with knowledge and skills to build their dreams from the ground up.

Your success is my goal.

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Get to know your Bonuses!

Modelesque Travel Tips & Tricks

All the things you need to know before booking a job out of town or out of the country.

(Value: $47)

Modelesque Fashion Week Survival Guide


Get the tools to shine in Fashion Week castings, shows, and book showroom.

(Value: $197)

Modelesque Background Acting Breakdown

A breakdown of set lingo, etiquette, and how to find and book legit background work. 

(Value: $97)

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Modelesque Model Success

What's inside


  • Modelesque Money
  • Modelesque Toolkit
  • Modelesque Mindset
  • Modelesque Etiquette
  • Modelesque Terminology  
  • Exclusive Modelesque Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access (includes future updates)
  • Bonus: Modelesque Abc's Ebook
  • Bonus: Modelesque Travel Tips & Tricks (Value: $47)
  • Bonus: Modelesque Background Acting Breakdown (Value: $97)
  • Bonus: Modelesque Fashion Week Survival Mini-Course (Value: $197)
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